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From a must-have essential to a decor product, candles can light up the mood instantly. Not only our flowers but our collection of scented and decorative candles are also sure enough to lit a sparkle in your room. At Bay Leaves Florist, we have a wide range of organic scented candles, the aroma you love and cherish including French Pear, cedar wood & leather, blue cypress & amber, coconut & elder flower and more. If you’re looking for a  thoughtful git along with beautiful flower delivery, you can use our add-ons to spruce up the occasion.


There is no denying that the candle lights affect the ambience. So, if you love collecting candles of various kinds to adorn your residence with beauty, then you will like what we have in store for you. From candles for special occasions to scented ones, we have something to appease your desire.