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A little bit about Bayleaves Florist – Beautiful flowers, shears, tape, vases, bouquet covers have been our ingredients of life for years. We find joy in creating elegant bouquets that not just makes a great gift but a medium for your emotion. Behind every bouquet, there is emotion, love, heartfelt thank you, appreciation, a thoughtful message, and a hidden declaration of love. We are in Brighton, serving our customers with beautiful flower bouquets and stunning flower arrangements. At Bayleaves Florist, it’s all in the details that our bouquet carry brightens someone’s day.
All our bouquets are carefully crafted with flowers and extras that you love. Our florists ensure to create every single bouquet with love and care. We source our blooms fresh and only pick the finest quality flowers to design our bouquets. We have all the flowers of your choice and can craft them the way you would like.

We offer flowers for all kinds of occasions and ensure to provide only the top-quality flowers to you. We take your inputs seriously. As a carrier of your love and emotion, we make sure to follow all the requests that we get and design a bouquet that is uniquely yours. Even if you’re rushing at the last minute, we are there to help. We provide same day flower delivery when orders are placed before 3 pm.

At Bay Leaves Florist, we always aim for a great impact, that’s why we make our flower deliveries as special as possible. We leave the bouquet to the recipient’s doorstep ready to wow them the minute they open the door. Our passionate florists use their creativity and put their heart and soul to create a bouquet that never fails to leave people in awe.
If you’re blown away by the collection of pre-arranged flowers bouquets, and combo gifts in our portal, order from us right away. Also, if you like us to be a carrier of love, order flowers online through us and make someone feel loved and happy.
Love us? Order flowers online with us. Our flower deliveries are available throughout Melbourne local delivery. For more information, call us at
(03) 9596 4526 today.
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